The Ultimate Solution to Stop Form Spammers

Ultra light weight wordpress plugin for anti spam solution

what makes us different

Benefits of using SpamShieldPro

No reCaptcha & hCaptcha

Captcha doesn't stop spammers, it only annoy your visitors and hurt conversion rates. We can filter spam that even captcha failed to without hurting conversions.

Privacy First

All records is stored on your server database, our API and plugin is built with privacy in mind, our backend engine is stateless and doesn't store your data.

Block 99.9% of Spam

After studying thousands of spam messages we built a solution that are able to block most of the spam with multiple spam check.

Multiple Forms Integration

Our WordPress plugin has built in support for multiple third party plugins such as Elementor Form, Contact Form 7, WPForms, Beaver, etc...

Super Cost Effective

Our API subscription come with a free plan for micro sites, and the paid plan start from $9.9 per month which is affordable and cost effective for most business.

Professional Support

We work as a small but dedicated team which we devote all our focus into this product, we are always eager to help solving your spam issues and improve all the time.

Drastically Reduce Contact Form Spam on Your WordPress Website

Our lightweight WordPress plugin contain only critical settings that helps you to filter up to 99% of the spam.

spamshieldpro wordpress settings